Who We Are

Kharma Lindsey

“We are thrilled that everyone who uses our Magickal Makings, knows they are getting an authentic, witch crafted experience worthy of Goddess-Gods Blessings!” – Kharma

Beth Markley

Before the creation of Dark Moon Ranch, we co-collaborated on Collective Karma, a brick and mortar wellness center in Prescott, Arizona. We focused on yoga, beauty and wellness with crystals and the “run of the mill” metaphysical bookstore stuff. We had fun and loved each of our customers. Magick happened daily.

But one day that all changed…….
A pandemic happened! We were forced to close our yoga program first. Then the entire storefront. With rent and operating costs looming and no end in sight to quarantine we made the decision to close Collective Karma. Covid-19 seemed to have claimed another casualty.

Our practitioners grew restless. Teachers of healing can only sit on their hands so long during a crisis before the call to DO SOMETHING becomes too loud to ignore. First our classes were offered and then we hosted a summit! It seemed that people really loved the virtual experience and with no end in sight to the germ factor we decided to reinvent our whole structure! Collective Karma went virtual. We were concerned that by going public with the magickal side of our business we would be burned at the stake. Just kidding!

Well…kind of. We live in a conservative town and while yoga was mainstream, readings and spellwork were mostly done by appointment and word of mouth. Now we were talking about adding MAGICK as a tab. That meant coming out of the broom closet? GASP! One other hurdle was what to do with the store? It was packed carefully and sitting inside a moving truck! How do you offer your products with no workspace or storefront? More importantly, how do two determined witches craft spells and mojo jars, amulets and smudges with no workspace? A dining room table was just not working. Kharma’s ranch just north of Prescott already grew many of the herbs for the store in a medicine wheel witches garden. It is truly a magickal space and one warm April day she and Beth were walking through it and inspiration struck! It was right there! The decision was made. We would create a workspace on the ranch and allow the medicine of magick to stand alone! We decided rather than “bury” that part of our Craft we would let it shine! Out of the broom closet we went! We decided we would set out to create the most friendly, easy to use Magical Makings for the most discerning of magical practitioners. For the novice, we have spell kits and detailed videos as well as classes. For the High Priest/Priestess we have the obscure and hard to find as well as the exotic and tough to get. From the staples like tarot decks, pendulums and cauldrons to witchy fashion, crystals and herbs, we have what you need. We are proud to call Dark Moon Ranch our home and we are proud to share the magick with you!