Ayahuasca the Sacred Vine

Ayahuasca, Sacred Vine

The sacred Aya vine. She is born from the lungs of the earth. She is medicine. She calls you to purge that which no longer serves you.  She calls you to integrate and embody the duality of our nature.  Her body against your body allows her spirit to work its magick.  Stones from the Amazon support, protect and assist in this work.

As we are supported by Aya, the Aya supports the hands that craft it.  The artist whose hands weave the strands into jewelry lives in the city of Iquitos.  Decimated by COVID-19, the residents of Iquitos are struggling to survive.  By purchasing your plant spirit medicine jewelry through us, you aren’t just supporting the artist, you are also supporting the community’s Medicine Man. 20% of the proceeds of Aya purchases go to support him in healing others.

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