Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel at Dark Moon Ranch

When working in a shamanic apprenticeship, Kharma was asked “What is your medicine?”  She was then tasked to create her own medicine wheel as part of the apprenticeship. One morning she awoke from a dream and sketched the wheel. She quickly realized it was not just a wheel of medicine–the wheel WAS medicine! She shared her dream with a handful of friends, and in 2 short weeks a 100ft square plot of ranch-land was fenced, tilled, prepped and beds created and seeds planted!
Originally a student of Eastern European witchcraft, Kharma included the moon phases as well as the directions/quadrants. The walk paths face true to the directions, and the concentric circles inside the center feature a 6 sided star. 

The star itself is upcycled and rich with Prescott history and serves as a beautiful herb planter.
As a student of shamanism, Kharma uses the garden itself for her work. Clients are invited to walk the wheel, starting at the East to the heartbeat of the Bison Drum. Through herbs and veggies and flowers, many have journeyed the seasons and cycles ending in the corn spiral at the North where the ranch’s beloved pets have been laid to rest under the Grandmother Sycamore.
This wheel is host to the many Sabbats and Esbats as the ranch honors the Wheel of the Year as well as New Moon drumming circles, talking circles and drum birthings. It is the heart of Dark Moon Ranch, calling those who need its Medicine.