Haunted Beeswax Samhain Ancestor Remembrance Candle – 7″ Black


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This 100% natural beeswax candle is dipped in pure, “haunted” beeswax from hives removed from cemeteries in and around New Orleans, Louisiana (no bees are harmed in this process- they are relocated harmlessly and painlessly).

Its honey sweet scent will be sure to sweeten any ancestor working year round but especially at Samhain!

We add veil crossing herbs of Thyme, Calamus and Elderflower inside and include an ancestor invocation for your celebration of respect and connection to Those Who Have Gone Before Us. Candle jar is included.

Pre orders being taken now on this LIMITED EDITION. Pick up in Prescott AZ beginning 9/1/21 and shipping one the weather is sufficiently cool to ship these all natural candles.