Spellbar- Bayberry Root


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Bayberry is a very useful plant that has been used for many things. The berries can be boiled and a wax comes off them which can be used to make long burning candles or a gentle soap. Bayberry leaves are burned to enhance pyschic abilities and promote visions.It is excellent when used for money drawing spells, especially bringing in the payment of money that is owed to you. Sprinkle Bayberry around a candle to bring in good fortune and money.¬† Because of its luck changing nature when worn in a sachet it can also protect you from negativity and curses. Bayberry is known for its properties of house blessing, good fortune wishes, luck and money drawing. Bayberry candles were burned at Yule and New Year’s to bring the house blessings of money and happiness, ” A Bayberry candle burned to the socket brings joy to the heart and gold to the pocket”.¬†Sprinkle Bayberry and Sassafras on the money in your wallet to make it last longer.