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Powers: Money, sleep, protection, prophetic dreams
Magical uses: The five points of the leaves represent love, money, health, power and wisdom, and so if carried cinquefoil grants these. 
It is also hung up at the door, or placed on the bed, for protection. An infusion of the leaves is used to bathe the forehead and hands, nine times, to wash away hexes and curses. 
If you find a cinquefoil sprig with seven leaflets, place it under your pillow. You will dream of your future lover or mate. If a bag of cinquefoil is suspended from the bed you will have restful sleep all night. 
Carried, cinquefoil gives eloquence when asking for favors of officials, and usually ensures that the favor is granted. It is thus used in court cases. 
Cinquefoil is also added to purification bath sachets.